How much does it cost to ship from China to the UAE?

How much does it cost to ship from China to the UAE?

The short answer depends on the situation. The freight depends on the nature of the goods you are shipping. Perishable products may need to be refrigerated. For example, oversized cargo may require oversized containers.

They also depend on the shipping method you choose, as air freight is usually more expensive than sea freight. They also depend on the volume, size and weight of the consignment, all of which may prohibit air transportation or affect the size and number of sea containers required.

As a guide, if your cargo weighs less than 100 kg, then air freight is as economical as sea freight. And, of course, it will be faster. For cargoes over 100 kg that are not urgently needed in the UAE, shipping from China is usually more economical.

For goods under 35 kg, please obtain a quote from the package carrier or courier company, because Shipa Freight does not provide freight forwarding services for goods within this weight range.

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