How IVF has been groundbreaking in helping couples raise a ‘balanced’ family

The recent advances in sciences have led to an era of reproductive liberty, giving couples the leverage of starting a family ‘when’ and ‘how’ they want. With the advent of assisted reproduction techniques, couples are overcoming the gender limitations of natural birth.

For women or couples who want to go through the process, there are leading centers for IVF in Dubai, the UK, and USA well-equipped to provide them with accurate and balanced assistance. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment does not only help couples in conceiving but also helps in family balancing.

"Where conservative treatments prove to be less effectual, assisted reproductive technology such as IVF have made advances at great lengths with success rates increased tremendously. With the process of IVF Lite, the chances of side-effects have also been mitigated,” says Dr. Gautam Allahbadia, an IVF consultant and head of the Millennium Medical Centre (MMC) IVF Dubai.

Family Balancing, through the advanced reproductive procedure, is gaining momentum among both young as well as older couples. It gives families a chance to bring gender diversity amongst their off springs, further fostering a balanced representation of both the genders in their families. Couples who have biologically raised a child/children of one particular gender, and wish to bear another of a different gender, can go for family balancing through IVF. 

Couples are not just blessed with genetically linked children, but also healthy babies devoid of any anomalies through Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), followed by implantation through IVF. Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A) is opted by most couples undergoing IVF treatment. At most times, couples opt for PGT-A for medical reasons. Genetic diseases such as hemophilia or Duchenne muscular dystrophy could be fatal in boys, which make it a primary reason for couples opting to know the gender of the baby.

In addition, there are some couples who want to have a balanced family with equal boys and girls to ensure that the kids have siblings of the same gender. We can check for more than 200 different genetic disorders, plus distinguish the gender.  
IVF PGD has proved to be a highly effective technique that not only ensures healthy implantation of embryos, but also gives parents a chance to nurture their preferred kids, and raise a balanced family.

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