Alberta woman who escaped Fort McMurray fire also evades Hurricane Irma

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After fleeing the Fort McMurray fire back in May 2016, an Alberta woman was forced to face impending disaster once again.
Christine Drul said she was two days into a solo Florida vacation, when Hurricane Irma started to take a drastic turn.
Drul, who lives in Fort McMurray, was desperate to escape Irma’s path. She rented a car and drove to Atlanta to catch a flight.
“I barely got out of Florida at all, but I did,” said Drul. “They were adding more flights [in Atlanta], that was basically the closest place where you could still get a flight out.”
Drul said compared to her drive out of Fort McMurray, the trip to safety was more difficult.
“This was definitely worse. I’m on vacation in Miami, I had to get out of there to drive to Atlanta,” said Drul.  “I had no idea what I was doing. At least in Fort McMurray it [driving] was a little easier. All we had to do was follow the road out.”
With the Florida evacuation window closing, the streets were packed.
She arrived in Atlanta just in time, and was able to board a flight to Seattle, then one to Edmonton.
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“I was looking forward to this vacation, it’s been a tough year,” Drul said. “The fire, job loss. I was looking forward to the vacation and I ended up fleeing from a Category 5 Hurricane.”
Regardless of her harrowing journey, she hopes to return to Florida.
“I’d love to go back, but they will be in recovery probably for quite a while.”
Drul arrived in Edmonton Thursday evening.

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